Inventing Realities

Scandinavia House December 8, 2016 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Susana Moreira Marques
Asle Skredderberget
Matei Visniec
Elizabeth Mitchell

Authors invent worlds and people so vividly that we believe them to be real and true. They create imaginary characters and settings that are oftentimes easier to believe than what we watch on the evening news. Sometimes fiction is more believable than fact.  Journalists, on the other hand, are relied upon to deal only in fact. Yet sometimes, authors step away from their imaginary worlds to become journalists who report on facts and real-life situations and characters or reversely, journalists give up the truth to write fiction. What happens in that process and can we really trust what an author writes when they’re being a journalist? Join award-winning non-fiction author and senior long-form writer for the New York Daily News, Elizabeth Mitchell, along with Susana Moreira Marques, Asle Skredderberget, and Matei Visniec, as they consider whether an author makes a reliable journalist and, conversely, if a journalist can change gears to write a work of fiction?

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