Poetry In Motion

Poets House December 9, 2016 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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Elena Alexieva
Ann Cotten
Nathalie Handal
Immanuel Mifsud
Krisztina Tóth

Join us for an intimate discussion about the art of poetry, featuring four very different poetic voices from Europe – Elena Alexieva
from Bulgaria and the author of Ladder on the Heart and Face of Killer Angel; Ann Cotten whose poetry plays with perspective, an intrinsic part of her poetic process; Immanuel Mifsud who sees similarities between the way his own life is evolving and that of a fish in an aquarium; and Krisztina Tóth whose poetry deals in an emphatic, reflected and sometimes ironic way with everyday scenes and conflicts. Together, they’ll be in conversation with acclaimed poet, playwright and literary travel writer, Nathalie Handal.

Proudly co-presented by Poets House.